Countdown to the Grade.Three

Two years has passed since I began my high school studying, and I will go back to my school two days later. Now that my last one-month-long holiday before my College Entrance Examination is going to come to an end, I think it's time to escape away from my books for a while and write something down.

I've heard that "A man that hasn't got through a year during Grade.Three isn't a true man" for many times. As a result, it made me fear of the year I am gonna face with. For hundreds of nights that I cannot sleep well, I keep asking myself, is Grade.Three that fearful? It's true that I actually feared of the next year a bit before. But after my final exam report arrived, saying that my score was pretty good, my confidence went back again. I've got a 44th place in my grade (around 700 in all), which means, I can get a score around 590 if I attend 2016 College Entrance Exam.

As for me, it's good enough. Because I always believe that no matter other things changes, one thing won't change. This thing is that, I will never slip back if I do not wish to.

But as for the college I like, it isn't good enough. I like ZJU and I desire to get an admission letter from there next year. Just make a simple subtraction and it will show you that I should make a 60-marks progress to touch the 649 line.

In fact, I don't worry about it at all, as my heart is so full of confidence. What makes me worried is I don't know where my confidence comes from.

This 300-words passage has taken me too much time and I don't want to go on writing it. That's all for today. If you finds out any mistakes inside it, leave a comment to let me know please. Thanks for your reading.


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